Lieber and Solow are rough diamond buyers that can supply you the best diamonds for your money. We have been operating in the diamond industry since 1927. So we have experience you can trust. Today, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of natural industrial diamonds. With generations of experience and extensive inventories, our team of knowledgeable specialists makes us your go to supplier.

The term rough diamonds refers to diamonds that are straight from the earth and completely untouched by a polishing wheel or tumbler. All of the rough diamonds we sell are earth mined. Let’s learn a little more about what a rough diamond is, how to identify them, and why we are the buyers you can trust.

What Are Rough Diamonds?

Well, you know that we are buyers and sellers of rough diamonds. But do you know exactly what constitutes a rough diamond? Rough diamonds are stones that have not undergone any treatment after they were found in the earth. In most cases, diamonds sold in jewelry stores have been cut to make them faceted. This cutting gives them a certain shape. And they have also been polished.

But when it comes to rough diamonds, they are uncut and unpolished. They have not been altered in any way after they were mined. So what you see is the natural shape and size of the diamond.

How to Identify Rough Diamonds?

As buyers of rough diamonds, properly identifying them is part of the job description. We know what to look at to best examine the diamond. In a nutshell, rough diamonds look like transparent stones that are either colorless or tinted in yellowish or brownish color.

When it comes to the diamonds you see in a jewelry store, only a very small percentage of rough diamonds are as colorless as those diamonds you can see in the jewelry store. Most natural diamonds are tinted. Which is why white diamonds are so valuable. It is because they are so rare. As professionals in the industry, we have high-tech tools to make sure our evaluations are sound. However, there are simpler techniques that nearly anybody can follow which can identify a rough diamond.

The easiest test is the scratch test. Only a diamond can scratch another diamond. So to test this, take literally anything else and try to scratch the diamond. If you can, it is not a diamond. It is a fake.

And you can reverse this scratching process. What we mean is that you can use your diamond to scratch corundum. Corundum is the mineral which makes up ruby and sapphire. So only a diamond is harder. You can inexpensively purchase this mineral to test. If the rough diamond can scratch the corundum, then you have a diamond!

It can be difficult to properly identify a rough diamond, since many minerals display similar physical characteristics. So unless you are in an area where diamonds are mined, or you are a gemologist, you can never be sure that the transparent stone you’ve just found is the real thing. But that is why you can trust buying rough diamonds from Lieber and Solow. We will properly identify the diamond and sell at a fair and accurate price point.

Worldwide Rough Diamond Buyers

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Industrial Rough Diamonds

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