L&S maintains a full inventory of all sizes, crystal types, orientations and price points for all demands, giving toolmakers flexibility within their toolbox. L&S works with you, our customers, identifying your parameters and meeting your required price points. Natural Industrial diamonds are available from high-end stress free stones to lower quality materials for a full range of applications.

For more information about our industrial diamonds, please contact us today. The number to call to speak to our office is 212-354-4060. We can answer any questions you may have about our industrial rough diamonds and our various price points.

Natural Diamonds for Single Point Dressing Tools

Octahedron and Dodecahedron formation give the tool maker the advantage of naturally formed points for all single point dressing applications. Tool makers specify the size, quality, and price point to meet their budget requirements.

Octahedron / Dodecahedron

Additionally, we assort and select an entire range of diamond for cluster tools and blade tools for dressing. These assortments are critically prepared according to the size, formation and qualities needed.

Natural Diamonds for Form Dressing Tools

When a dressing application requires a specific form to true and dress precision grinding wheels, the many shapes and styles of natural diamonds give the tool manufacturer the ability to create the best tool for the job. L&S selects the perfect stone to process and polish and ensures value and quality. This gives the tool manufacturer the proper diamond to make the perfect diamond tool at the right price.

The many shapes of natural diamonds:

Elongated Shape

Flat Elongated Shape

Round Shape

Flat Shape

Maccles Shape “Triangle”

*all available in a full range of sizes and specific price points

Natural Diamonds for Advance Precision Applications

Diamond for Wire Dies: Drawing fine wires requires precision finishes, ultimate consistency and the highest level of productivity. Natural Diamond dies stones are perfectly clean, well-formed diamonds. These diamonds give the end user a precision, highly effective, long life tool. Price for price, no other material meets the rigorous standards of natural die stones.

Drilling for Exploration, Mining, and Construction: In today’s complex world of mining and exploration and for a variety of construction products, there are applications where natural diamonds remain the best natural material for the job at hand. At L&S, we have generations of experience supplying such material for these specific applications. Today, we continue our tradition as the go-to source for a complete range of natural diamonds to meet the demands for these specific applications.

Precision Rotary Dressing: For large scale manufacturing productions, where time and efficiencies contribute to value added… properly selected and sized natural whole stone mesh, combined with the advanced technology of the rotary dresser manufacturer, bring to the end-users, precision tooling applicable in a variety of high scale dressing applications. L&S carries a full range of fine whole stone material for every rotary dresser application.

Ultra-Precision Cutting, Processing and Testing Tools: For precision applications in optics, printing, electronics, material sciences and testing for medical, industrial and technical processes. End-users require tooling which are precise, effective and efficient. Nothing gets the job done as well as clean, stress free diamonds prepared to the stringent specifications of the end-users applications.