Natural Industrial Diamonds for Diamond Tool Manufacturing

You hear the words “uncut diamonds” and your mind instantly goes to a place of imagination. Uncut diamonds have a reputation of being some of the most popular types of diamonds to buy. And manufacturers of diamond tool utilize these diamonds too. As an international supplier of rough diamonds, Lieber & Solow are very familiar with the marketplace for uncut diamonds. And we are well aware of their fluctuating values and how the market handles them.

For more information about our rough diamonds for sale, please give us a call. The number for our office is 212-354-4060. When you call, we can discuss our various pricing options available, as well as note any details regarding the diamonds you are interested in purchasing. Let’s take a deeper look at uncut diamonds and their importance in the diamond market. You are in safe hands when you turn to Lieber & Solow for all your diamond needs!

What Are Uncut Diamonds?

First, let’s get into what uncut diamonds are. An uncut diamond is simply a stone that has not been shaped by a professional diamond cutter. Nor has it undergone any sort of polishing or cleaning. Rough diamonds and raw diamonds are other ways to say uncut diamonds. None of those diamonds have been cut yet.

When a stone is mined, a determination is made on whether it is suitable for jewelry or not. This determines if it is being cut down the line. If it is of high enough quality, then it will be cut for jewelry. Any stones of lower quality are typically used in industries for their physical properties, such as for diamond tool manufacturing. These uncut diamonds offer a hardness that you cannot find anywhere else. Thus they are used for this hardness.

What Determines the Value of Uncut Diamonds?

There are certain factors that play into the value of uncut diamonds. The clarity, color, and carat all play big roles in determining whether or not the uncut diamond is valuable. Let’s take a closer look into these factors.


The clarity of an uncut diamond refers to how many natural flaws are visible in the diamond. Uncut diamonds that have only a few visible inclusion are much more valuable than stones featuring flaws more prominently.


When a new diamond is mined, it often has a yellow or brown tint. The stronger that yellow or brown tint is, the less valuable the diamond is. Diamonds that have a less visible color are more valuable. For what it is worth, colorless diamonds are very, very rare. Which is why those types of diamonds are very expensive.


Lastly, we come to the carat of the diamond. The carat is what measures the weight. So, as you would expect, the bigger the stone, the more rare and thus more valuable.

However, when it comes to rough uncut diamonds, then the correlation of high carrat and high value doesn’t always mesh. That is because the two previous factors carry more weight when it comes to the value. A rough diamond with a lot of visible flaws will need to be cut and likely cut often. On the other hand, a smaller carat diamond with less flaws will need to be cut less. Thus is more valuable, since cutting a diamond lowers its value.

When you cut a diamond, then you may also be affecting the clarity. Which in turn also affect the price. So once again, a higher carat diamond may be less valuable since cuts need to be made.


The shape of the diamond is not a typical valuation factor. But when it comes to rough, uncut diamonds, then the shape matters. Does the shape allow for a big polished stone to be cut out of it? Or will multiple cuts be needed? So the shape influences the cuts, even if the color and clarity are good, because the cut diamond may be smaller.

round shaped diamonds

Cutting & Polishing of Uncut Diamonds is Important

When we hear about uncut diamonds, we imagine unlimited possibilities. But we also likely imagine a dream. Those diamonds still need to be cut and polished to look nice for sale. And the way the diamond is cut will determine its final proportions. This affects the way the stone will ultimately eflect light, which is an important factor in its valuation. As a rule of thumb, diamonds cut with better proportions will have more brilliance. Thus raising the price.

But we cannot forget the polishing, too! The polishing is also important for how the diamond will look in the end. In most cases, a diamond with a polished surface will let more of the light that falls on the inside of the stone, which gives it that beautiful diamond sparkle.

So, since uncut diamonds have a rough surface, the light will be blocked more and it will look less brilliant. The diamond needs to be cut and polished at least a little. How much or how little will ultimately determine the final price.