When it comes to natural industrial diamonds, Lieber & Solow has proven to be a trusted source for them. These sorts of diamonds have many uses. Similar to refined diamonds, these rough and raw diamonds are essential. From being bought and sold as jewelry or being used as tools, raw diamonds are a popular material worldwide. And before they are cut, still holding that raw power, they retain some of their best qualities. Which makes them great for various applications.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the uses for raw diamonds.

Jewelry Uses

The jewelry industry loves utilizing raw diamonds to make their products. Since raw diamonds are hard, they make for excellent manufacturing tools. And the selling of rough diamonds as an ornament or decoration is also pretty popular.

And of course, when you cut rough diamonds you get more defined and beautiful diamonds. Learn more about the importance of cutting diamonds and how it works.

Industrial Uses

Many industrial uses and purposes use rough diamonds. When they do, you often hear the term industrial diamonds. At Lieber & Solow, we have industrial diamonds for sale. Some may purchase these diamonds to make jewelry since they are able to withstand demanding actions. Their hardness comes in handy for industrial manufacturing applications!

How this typically works is that companies may put raw diamond bits into the cutting blades in order to improve the performance of the machine. Others may use diamond saws to make grooves inside the concrete. Either way, they are commonly used and make the machine and end product more reliable.

When it comes to drilling, machinery uses raw diamonds to drill for oil or other natural elements inside the earth. The metal tops have diamond grains to help with the drilling.

On top of all that, many use raw diamonds as polishing tools. How this works is that someone makes the diamonds into a paste that helps when it comes to polishing. By using raw diamonds, you often can get a smoother polish.

Types of Dressers

We offer direct sourcing of natural diamonds that keeps us well-positioned for ordering. In our selection is a full line of materials that are readily available for sale. This includes single point dressers, shape and form dressers and rotary dressers. And we stock all sizes of die stones. So you can select stones for cutting tool materials, drilling materials, and a wide range of premium natural mesh is available.

Manufacturing Equipment

On top of that, raw diamonds also get used for reliable manufacturing equipment, which we have in stock, too. Among this selection of manufacturing equipment includes tools for dressing grinding wheels, drawing fine wire, precision cutting, construction, mining and exploration.

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Raw diamonds are coveted around the world. Many often want that special diamond. But truthfully, there are all sorts of rough diamonds that will satisfactorily get the job done. Working together with Lieber and Solow is your key, though, to the most extensive supply line of raw diamonds for the diamond tool market. At the end of the day, it is our mission to be the global leader in the supply chain of natural industrial diamonds. We are proud to be a part of the global manufacturing chain and are fully committed to that responsibility.

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