When it comes to buying and selling any good, the weight often plays a huge factor. And that remains to be the case for diamonds, where the weight and price often go hand-in-hand. And the implication is that a larger diamond is likely more valuable than a smaller one. Which of course is not always the case, since other factors can play a role in the price of a diamond.

Carat Precision

When you weigh a diamond, the measurement is done in metric carats with the abbreviation of “ct.” There is an incredible precision in regards to the weight. One metric carat is two-tenths of a gram, which is just over seven thousandths (0.007) of an ounce. For relation, one once will contain almost 142 carats! The metric carat gets divided into 100 points, where one point is 1/100 of a carat.

So this is where the precision comes in. Diamonds are weighed to a thousandth (0.001) of a carat and then rounded to the nearest hundredth, or point. When you get to fractions of a carat, it can mean the price difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Of course, this also depends on the diamond quality, but still, all factors considered this is a sizable jump.

Now we get into diamonds that weigh over a carat. These weights are typically expressed in carats and decimals. And they no longer go by “points.” That is reserved for carats under 1.00. When you get to a diamond over 1, like 1.03, it is read as “one oh three.” Or sometimes “one point oh three carats.” So the “point” stops at one.

Relationship Between Rarity & Weight

When it comes to the relationship between rarity and weight, it can have a surprising impact on the value. The price of a diamond depends on a number of different factors and the weight is just one of them. In a nutshell, larger diamonds are simply more rare than small diamonds. So that drives up the price, since the more rare something is the higher its price.

And you may be thinking, shouldn’t the price of 4 0.25-carat diamonds be the same price as one 1-carat diamond if all the other factors are equal? In short, no. The rarity of its size will drive that price up considerably, since the carat weight also carries with it a symbolic message. People will always opt for the larger carat diamond, even if it is only the difference of 0.03. And some carats are considered a “magic size,” like half carat, three-quarter carat, one carat, and so on.

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