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When it comes to wanting a raw diamond, there are some ways to properly look for them. Lieber and Solow have years of experience operating within the diamond industry. Our name means quality. We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of natural industrial and raw diamonds. Due to our generations of combined experience, you can trust our knowledgeable team to help you get the diamond you want. We are here to serve your diamond needs.

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Tests With Raw Diamonds

This is not something that you, the customer, has to worry about when it comes to raw diamonds but we proudly bring in the best materials possible and supply our clients with high end raw diamonds. As rough diamond buyers, we know the ropes and will help you get the diamonds you need. Here are some aspects we focus on when identifying raw diamonds.

The Gravity

Knowing the specific gravity of a rough diamond helps. All diamonds have a gravity that ranges from 3.5 to 3.53 g/ml. This is the ratio of the density of the stone to a pure liquid having a thickness of 1 g/ml. With this gravity, it is easy to separate the raw diamond from the other diamonds.

On top of that, we can use the gravity to separate diamonds from gemstones. Here is how to use a shaker table, which can be used to separate diamonds from gemstones. So simple you can use it at home!

  • Find a clear, normal-sized drinking glass and fill it with water to a 3/4 level.
  • Drop the stone into the glass.
  • If the stone sinks, it is a genuine raw diamond. However, if it floats, it is a fake!

Thermal Absorption Test

Diamonds are the best at absorbing heat among all the gemstones. There are hand-held diamond testers that can prove this on your own. These tools have a metal head that will come into contact with the diamond in order to test it.

How it works is that is provides a small amount of heat and measures how fast the stone takes in the incoming heat. The tester will inform us if the stone is a raw diamond or just a beautiful looking stone.

As reputable diamond suppliers, we sell only the highest quality diamonds on the market. So you will not need to buy this tester to prove a diamond you buy from us. However, it could be a fun tool to have around the home to test anything you find on your own.

Hardness Testing

When it comes to hardness, diamonds are far and away the hardest of all gemstones. However, hardness testing is pretty unreliable. But good news for you is that any of the diamonds you buy from us are in fact diamonds. But once again, you can do these simple tests at home to see the hardness for yourself.

Scratching corundum may yield decent results, since it is a 9 on the Mohs scale. So if your stone scratches corundum it is very likely a diamond!

UV Lighting Test

When it comes to the ultraviolet light test, most will glow blue under a shortwave UV light. However, some may turn yellow, red, or orange, so it is not a very reliable testing method.

Other Tests Available

When you buy from Lieber and Solow, you can trust the diamonds you are getting are of the highest quality. So these tests are all part of how our suppliers ensure the diamonds we buy are the best available. But here are some other common tests to help determine raw diamonds.

  • Heating the stone to see if it breaks. If the stone does not break, there is a good chance that it is a raw diamond.
  • The fog test.
  • Check the crystal form of the diamond.