Our Commitment to Industry, Our Commitment to You

  • To be the Global Leader in the Supply Chain of Industrial Diamonds
  • To Uphold Our Responsibility for Global Manufacturing
  • Honor the Customer
  • To Lead by Example in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Integrity in Business
  • Respect our Employees

Our Start

In the city of Antwerp, Belgium, two independent diamond dealers and cleavers Isaac Lieber and Zelman Solow joined forces to create Lieber & Solow. With a handshake and a smile the deal was done and a tradition began.

Lieber & Solow has been operating in the diamond industry since 1927. Today, the company has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of natural industrial diamonds. We supply diamond tool manufacturers around the world with a full line of materials. So you know you are getting the best when you turn to us!

Lieber & Solow and the Diamond Business

Lieber and Solow quickly found a niche within the diamond business, marketing rough for the gem industry and assorting industrial diamonds for diamond tool manufacturers. In 1940, Lieber & Solow moved to New York City. We are still based there today. The company had a well-established reputation as an important source for a full range of industrial diamonds. In New York, the company continued to grow and diversify into a full line diamond and jewelry house.

Today, a streamlined L&S, along with IKMD and LANDS SUPERABRASIVES, focuses on our core business. Which is to industrial diamonds and providing excellent customer service and product satisfaction.

For more information about the pursuits and goals of Lieber & Solow and diamonds on call, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our industrial diamonds inventory. The number to call to speak to a representative is 212-354-4060. Because our staff is always ready to help answer any questions you may have. Including questions about various price points and customization. So please do not hesitate to reach out. When you call. we can go over the various price points available.