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In many ways, it is the cut of a diamond that gives it its beauty. Diamonds are known for their great ability to transmit light and offer an intense sparkle. So, we often think of a diamond’s cut as shape, such as round, emerald, and pear. However, it is a diamond’s cut grade that allows for the interaction with light. When it comes to the cut, it is precision and workmanship that leads to the fashioning of the stone. The cut of the diamond gives it its proportions, symmetry, and polish. Which in return allows for a wonderful return of the light. The overall quality of the cut is crucial to the diamond’s final beauty and value. And when it comes to the 4 C’s, the cut is the most complex and technically difficult to analyze.

There are three optical effects that gives the diamond the beautiful look you see. The three effects are

  • white light reflections (brightness)
  • flashes of color (fire)
  • areas of light and dark (scintillation)

Then there is pattern, which is the relative size, arrangement, and contrast of bright and dark areas. This results from a diamond’s internal and external reflections. In general, there needs to be enough contrast between the bright and dark areas to give the pattern a crisp, sharp look.

The diamond industry knows that some proportion combinations make light perform better than others. This performance leads to a higher price tag. And over the years, as technology advances, researchers in GIA’s Research Department and the GIA Laboratory show that there are many different variations and combinations of proportions that can maximize the overall brilliance and fire in round brilliant cut diamonds.

Get Nice Cut Diamonds From Lieber & Solow

The manufacturing of raw diamonds allows for the crisp and clean cutting that leads to beautiful diamonds. Once the diamonds get cut, they fall under the label of industrial diamonds, which we supply to clients globally. Turn to Lieber & Solow for a full inventory of all sizes, crystal types, orientations and price points that meet all demands for industrial diamonds. We aim to give toolmakers flexibility within their toolbox. We also work with our customers to identify your parameters while also meeting your price points.

Natural Industrial diamonds are available from high-end stress-free stones to lower-quality materials. You can use these diamonds for a full range of applications. Learn more about the anatomy of a diamond and how those features impact the value of the stone. So please, reach out to us today for more information about our selection of industrial diamonds. Call 212-354-4060 to speak to our office. When you call, we can discuss the customized assortments available for industrial diamonds and can define them to your parameters. We can also provide you with more details about the cut of a diamond and how it impacts the diamond.