Lieber and Solow

Natural Industrial Diamonds are an essential material for traditional manufacturing processes as well as new technologies and applications. Working together with Lieber and Solow is your key to the most extensive supply line for the diamond tool market. It is our mission to be the global leader in the supply chain of natural industrial diamonds. Our team is committed to our responsibility as part of the global manufacturing chain. We are dedicated to working with you, our customers, identifying your parameters and delivering your specific industrial diamond requirements.

Make the Natural Choice

Natural diamonds hold shape, dissipate heat, and take wear in applications which require the toughest materials available. Natural Diamonds give high precision chip free edges and surfaces for cutting tools and wire dies and remain the material of choice for a complete range of dressing applications.

De Beers Global Sightholder Sales, Industrial Sightholder

L&S is a DBGSS Industrial Sightholder. We work with De Beers, who is the world’s largest source of rough diamonds. They are dedicated to the supply of industrial materials and bring us a steady and stable supply of industrial diamonds. This promises a direct line from mines to the tool manufacturers to the end users of natural industrial diamonds. Please visit our connection to DeBeers.

Additionally, our buying team backs up these supplies with purchases from a group of dedicated direct and indirect sources of rough diamonds specifically for industrial applications.

Our sourcing team is working continuously to ensure you, our customers, with on time deliveries no questions asked.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Today’s world is becoming more complex and sensitive with each passing day. The global impact of industries and businesses must be considered in all that we do. L&S is strongly committed to and adherent to CSR programs such as De Beers Best Practice Principles and the Kimberley Process. Both of which are powerful tools ensuring we are living up to our Corporate Social Responsibilities.

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Lieber & Solow is a trusted name when it comes to the supplying of industrial diamonds. We have years of experience and are trusted by clients throughout the country. For more information about how we are your industrial diamond supplier, please contact us today. The number to call is 212-354-4060. We can go over the various price points that we have for the diamonds you are interested in purchasing.